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Saturday, February 10, 2007


I wish I blogged more. I'm just so darn hooked on Flickr- which reminds me I need to renew my membership or all my art goes bye-bye! I'm still VERY involved with my altered books, but i recently hosted a Valentine swap for mini atc's which are a very tiny 1.5" by 2.5", but BIG FUN. So here's a sneak peek at those teeny-tiny Valentine's! I must add that i've been on my very low carb diet for almost 3 weeks now. Today i ate eggbeaters mixed with creamcheese,cinnamon, and Splenda and just a little butter and salt and tried telling myself it was cheese cake. Sound gross?? Well, when you've been as deprived as i was you'd eat it,too! heehee!


Sallyt - Imagine This said...

Gabriella -- these little mini atcs are absoutely so fine... I love 'em!

gabriella travaline said...


Anonymous said...

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