the filter i see thru

Saturday, September 29, 2007


nope. still can't find the time or desire to get back into blogger here. spending time at flickr, as usual,- as well as vox. i prefer vox to blogger because of its connection with flickr and the fact that its quite artist friendly...and of course very easy to navigate.

however, since this ol'blog here will pop up if perhaps an admirer or highschool buddy googles my name- i must put up a new pic and kindly ask those that seek me to proceed on to flickr...and vox..guess i should scare up that link.

oh yeah- i should mention that i got an awesome new cam corder today- YAY!!!!!! i should ALSO mention that one can post videos to vox...;o)
ps- this is a copyright-free image that artists may use in their collage or altered art projects. got it from Dover- the kingdom of copyright-free images! yay!!!! happy halloween!

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